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Start inducting in moments

  • Upload your own powerpoint inductions 
  • Create new courses or edit pre-built induction samples 
  • Induct unlimited users
  • Request Covid 19 declarations
  • Invite other admins
  • Automate workflows


Become an expert in a day

  • You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to manage your account
  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies account and user management
  • Short videos provide online training to your admins, saving you more time
  • Support team is available to tackle any request


Make it your own platform

  • Display your logo and business details on portals and ID cards
  • Attach your own messages to induction email invites
  • Integrate your account with other apps you use everyday
  • Track and report non compliant users


Designed for seasonal businesses

  • Don’t pay for inductions when you take a break or when you are not hiring
  • Downgrade to a free plan and we will keep your inductions in archives
  • Upgrade your plan and restore your account


Online Inductions are a simple, transparent and cost effective way to keep your employees, contractors and volunteers inducted fast, while allowing your business to be OH&S compliant.

Step 1 – Setup Induction

Step 2 – Send Invites

Step 3 – Report Progress


online induction


Upload your own training material and safety policies or create new content using an easy to use online induction software. Setup your own tests and pass scores, preview and export account activities to Excell. Free online help tutorials for admin users.



Send instant link invites to your participants. Online inductions are done on any device connected to the net.
Apps with embedded QR code readers can be downloaded by admin users to validate certificates and id cards.

Online Induction Software Australia


Track inductees progress and generate printable reports on all account activities in an instant. Auto collect and track compliance documents as part of online inductions. Expiration dates are monitored by the system and both users and admins are notified.


rapid inductions by induct for work



ID cards

Certificates or ID cards containing induction details are automatically emailed. Create your own ID cards.

Slide editor

Let inducted contractors Sign In and Out using QRs when performing any work at your site locations.

Sign in portals

Let inducted contractors Sign In and Out using QRs when performing any work at your site locations.


Move info between your apps automatically. Integrate Induct For Work with more than 1,500 Accounting, HR, CRM and Project Management apps.

Monitoring system

Auto collect and track insurances, licences and other compliance documents. Auto reminders notify users of upcoming expiration dates.


Free yourself from time consuming processes. Automate inductions, tests and notifications. Automate learning sequences.


Email support for admin users and site supervisors. Free access to online video training sessions.


Let our trainers teach your admins how to get the best out of Induct For Work. Training can be delivered online or face to face. POA.


including but not limited to:


“We have been using Induct for Work for several years to induct many new employees, subcontractors and group training apprentices.

The platform is an easy to create your inductions, and easy for inductees to use.

We generally send invitations to own employees via email & subcontractors. The group training business enter the system via a portal on our website.

Very easy”

Stephen Online Inductions review


Operation Manager

“Induct For Work helped us engage with our staff, who are often too busy to all sit in a room together to receive important training. System has been excellent for auditing purposes – Fair Work, WorkSafe, HACCP, Freshcare. All have been very impressed with its capabilities

Customer review online inductions by Induct For Work

Dicky Bill Farming

Production Manager

“We have been using Induct For Work for almost 2 years to induct staff and contractors across 4 sites nationally.
It’s a user friendly system with the ability to send invites via SMS or email to staff and contractors to complete site inductions.
The reporting functions are also very handy.
Highly recommended to businesses who want an easy to use induction system with good reporting features to track compliance”.

Customer Review


Development, Safety & Quality Manager


Start inducting today with a 14 day Free trial. No Credit Card is required.

Apps are available for Iphones, Ipads and for Android device



ONLINE INDUCTION SOFTWARE is the key to saving your organisation’s time and money in workforce training. It’s the only tool you’ll need to get your staff inducted, trained, compliant and prepared to start work faster, before ever setting foot on-site. Online Induction Software is the first step towards the commencement of employment of any employee, contractor or volunteer.

  Online inductions propel and guide a new employees’ adjustment period by equipping them with all the fundamental information on their new working environment, required tasks, procedures and company rules and expectations. Simultaneously, they provide employers and management with piece of mind that all workers are thoroughly trained, that there is a consistency in the quality of induction and that they are being compliant.

  Here at Induct For Work we offer an Online Induction Software that can fully prepare your workforce, track and manage all your staff inductions, is highly adaptable to your organisation’s needs and will increase productivity. In one click, inductions can be administered for workers to complete from home, in their own time and at their own pace. Ensuring workers arrive fully prepared and inducted on day-one.

  Induct for Work is perfect for businesses of all sizes across limitless industries, we focus on delivering the best safety inductions, ensuring OHS compliance and keeping you informed on relevant workforce information. Small or growing businesses come with limited management staff and often limited resources. For this, Induct for Work’s readily available and time efficient induction software will highly beneficial. Making inductions highly manageable in one convenient location and freeing up supervisor time. Large businesses with multiple sites will benefit from the induction software’s ability to rapidly and simultaneously induct their entire workforce across many locations.

  Select from our vast and comprehensive induction packages and opt for either self-setup or assisted setup to achieve the best possible training for your workforce. Induct for Work allows you to be in control of your content. Using our software, you’re able to customise your inductions to best suit your business from scratch, or select inductions suited to your industry from our wide variety of induction samples. You can create multiple slides and attach voice overs in various languages. You can attach pictures, video links and any other files to your slides. 


1. To provide businesses with the easiest to use online induction tool

2. To improve workplace safety

3. To increase admin user efficiency

4. To simplify everyday admin tasks



Inductions, although a vital part of the cohesive functioning of your business are not always time efficient. They often require countless hours you’ll never get back worth of scheduling, training, tracking, managing, paperwork, filing, following up and etc. Say goodbye to gruelling induction processes with our online induction software, and save hours upon hours of supervisor/admin time.

● Our online induction software can shave off up to 100% of the time spent on conducting on-site general inductions. In a matter of seconds you can administer inductions to all your employees, contractors and sub-contractors. You can train your workforce on the tasks that will be expected of them upon starting work, company policies and OH&S compliance, workplace safety protocols, how to operate relevant equipment (only for the equipment that does not require licensing) and may also include some site specific inductions to help familiarise them with their environments.
● Office hours and management time will be economised in collaborating with Induct for Work. The perks of having all documentation, licensing, induction records and administrative information in one location don’t limit themselves to it’s convenience. This will help save the time of your administrative team.
● Inductions can now be conducted in the employees spare time, from the comfort of their own homes. This means that inductions will no longer consume valuable time which your staff could spend working whilst on-site.  


Online Induction Software is the cost effective alternative to training your employees, contractors and volunteers. In adopting an induction software for your business you will cut down on the unnecessary and exorbitant amounts you may not even have known face-to-face inductions were costing you. Also, it’s safe to say that if online inductions are time efficient, they’ll be the more cost effective option. After all, time is money.

● Completely rid yourself of the cost of hiring out locations to conduct large group inductions. With our software you can simply ‘select all’ and rapidly induct large groups of employees, from varying fields and work sites, using as many different induction modules as are required, with no extra cost. It’s that simple AND cheap!
● Save valuable worker and administration hours and put them to better use. Say your administrative and management team, who typically induct all your new employees, spend approximately 1-3 hours on each new worker. Now multiply those hours by the amount of new workers you take on. All those payed hours of management work should instead be put towards more productive tasks for your business.
● Likewise, those same hours you’re paying workers to be on-site should be put towards completing their respective tasks. Save the money from your staff’s cumulative hours wasted on training and instead allow them to utilise that time to make you money. Leave the delivering process of your induction training to us. What separates Induct for Work from other online induction providers, above all, are our prices. Why pay more money for less features when you can simply start rapidly inducting your workforce with us and save yourself a fortune? Click here to view our many induction package options, or to start your FREE 14 day induction trial here.


When you use Induct For Work online induction software, you will gain peace of mind that your workforce inductions will achieve consistency in their quality.

● Employees shall all undergo the same training and can be effortlessly tracked and monitored to ensure they’re up to date on their required training.
● Tests and quizzes can be utilised to ensure they’re retaining the pertinent information.
● You can check any employees number of attempts to successfully complete an online induction and track their progress to better comprehend your workers’ comprehension of their training.
● Online inductions aren’t simply for new employees, this training can be made available to all employees whether it’s to refresh their knowledge regarding workplace protocol or to train them on changes in the workplace, you will have the peace of mind that in any circumstance your staff will be well trained.
● Online inductions allow for the peace of mind that you are being compliant. They provide proof of training and that workers have been made aware of OH&S regulations, how to be safe in their workplace and company policies that refer to behaviours such as sexual harassment or bullying policies. In any situation, the progress history, uploaded documents and information in each induction will serve as proof of compliance


Stay on top of your inductions with our facilitated tracking methods. Tracking is an essential aspect of just how much our services will facilitate your life. A more organised tracking method combines time efficiency, peace of mind and productivity all in one.

● Easily stay on top of accreditations and licenses utilising our software, and keep all these pertinent legal and verification documents in one convenient uncluttered location.
● Track and monitor staff induction progress. See when your staff have completed inductions, how many attempts were required and how many times the induction was accessed.
● Equip your administration with the best tool in tracking for quick access to all induction related information and vastly cut down on administrative time and stress.


Keeping in mind the productivity of a business is in any administration’s best interests. We can help you increase your productive habits by freeing up time, money, providing more efficient and effective inductions, and by providing a more convenient method to management.

● Managers and administration will have more time to devote to other areas of their jobs with the time online inductions save, because our only job at Induct for work is to make your job easier.
● Decreasing the time it will take on-site for new employees to familiarise themselves ensures they’re ready to work and productive earlier on.
● The amount it would cost in employee and manager working hours on-site combined to achieve a successful induction is immensely reduced in favour of the price for your induction package.