History of Induct For Work


Robert – Civil Engineer with Computer Science background was leading a number of building teams across Victoria and NSW. Due to company expansion – new staff and contractor teams were constantly hired and engaged. Current paper based Induction system was slowing teams down increasing the total expense and eroding profit margins. Monitoring expiration dates of compliance documents such as public liability insurances and trade licences was becoming a nightmare and constant compliance battle.

There was a need for a better Induction system. The system that would allow employer to upload Induction content and policies and then edit them at any time. The system that would let employer to set questions and answers, set pass scores, automatically collect and monitor compliance documents, delegate admin access to other team members etc.

Leonid – highly skilled and certified IT professional that brought to the world many digital solutions – heard the problem. Together with his team of IT specialists they created a solution that was welcomed to this world as Induct For Work. The word quickly spread and the system gained popularity from medium sized companies to large global corporations. Induct For Work is now being used worldwide.

At Induct For Work we still believe that all Online Induction Software Systems should be effective and affordable. We also believe that if your business is seasonal – you should be able to swap your plans to save money while retaining all your courses already built, ready for the new season to start.

Induct For Work is built to work on any internet browser and on any mobile phone, allowing your staff to conduct their online inductions at a time that is suitable to them.

And because our solution is digital, we provide you with full visibility, reporting and audibility of when your staff conducted the course, how they performed, what gaps they have in their learning and visibility of any permits and accreditation that are about to expire.

Induct for Work was built specifically to provide a powerful tool for businesses to be successful, to deliver consistency of knowledge across staff, for better customer experience and to allow you to focus on your business strategy. Online inductions by Induct For Work bring peace of mind that most up to date training has been provided to keep workers and contractors as safe as reasonably practicable. Induct For Work is built to allow you to be self reliant, reducing the costs of set ups, and making our solution very cost effective.

We invite you to run your own online inductions using Induct for Work at no cost for 14 days and experience the value it can deliver to your business.