About us

Induct For Work is a software application designed to assist organisations in managing their induction and onboarding processes. It is a  platform for creating, delivering, and tracking online induction and training programs for new employees, contractors and visitors.

Induct For Work allows organisations to create customised induction programs that can be accessed remotely by users via a web-based interface or an app. The app can also be used by admin users to track employee progress and completion of training modules.

Induct For Work also provides features for managing compliance and risk management. The app allows organisations to set up custom workflows, capture compliance documents and electronic signatures, track employee certifications and licenses, and manage incidents and hazards in the workplace.

Overall, Induct For Work aims to streamline and automate the process of managing induction and training programs, while also providing tools to manage compliance and risk in the workplace. By using Induct For Work, organisations can improve their efficiency, reduce their administrative burden, and ensure that their employees and contractors are properly trained and compliant with relevant regulations and policies.


Two school friends Robert and Leonid, both fascinated with computers follow their passion for computers to study Computer Science and Software Engineering at the same University. Years later Robert decides to pursue a new career in Building and Construction industry while Leonid absorbs the IT industry into his veins and a decades later becomes a CTO of a multi-national organisation.

Years go by and Robert is challenged by managing a growing number of work-sites across Victoria and NSW. As the business grows – so is the number of employed workers, supervisors and contractors. Existing paper based and Powerpoint inductions are now getting too hard to manage, especially for contractors in regional and outer areas, who regularly fail to show up to their safety orientations. Powerpoint inductions could not be relied upon to provide a paper trail of completed inductions, if something went wrong.

So the idea started brewing inside the head that there had to be a simpler and easier way to manage contractor inductions. The ideal system should allow companies to upload their induction content and policies into one place, so it is visible and accessible by all workers. This system should allow companies to set up quizzes, set pass scores, automatically collect and monitor contractor compliance documents, as well as allow users to digitally sign any pre-employment contracts and documents.

Robert and Leonid started to discuss this project and these discussions lead to the creation of Induct For Work. 

A team of highly experienced software developers, consultants and designers (amongst their friends) were engaged to find the most suitable technology. After years of development and more developing Induct For Work goes live, using the safest and the quickest technology available. A newly developed Software is then showcased to a number of local builders and developers, who instantly engage Induct For Work to assist them to induct their own employees, contractors and sub-contractors.  

Since its launch Induct For Work quickly gains popularity amongst builders and developers in other States, in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom, with growing number of features and services constantly being added.