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Online Induction for schools


Compliance with online inductions for school contractors and visitors You are seriously increasing your risk if the contractors working around the school are ‘non-compliant’ to legislative requirements. As a school admin you need to know, simply on the basis of security, the reasons and identity of the various contractors that are…

How to Make Inductions Memorable and Engaging

memorable and engaging online inductions

Memorable inductions Online induction process is the first step in the right direction to achieving the optimal employee efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. Research shows that employees who are successfully introduced to the organisation, its mission, values, culture, safety procedures and acceptable working practices tend to be more productive and are likely…

10 tips for getting the most from online induction

online indictions

Tips for getting the most from online induction The ability to onboard people online is just one of the myriad advantages the digital realm has brought us. The scope and access it affords for online induction are far beyond anything available even a decade ago. But as Spider Man’s Uncle Ben…