COVID-19 has changed the way businesses work forever, and, for the foreseeable future at least, staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors need to be inducted remotely, but they also need to work remotely. 
The global pandemic has changed so many aspects of running a business and has affected everything from how we induct new staff to how employees and employers cope with working remotely. 
Here’s some guidance to help employers – and employees – cope with this ever-changing landscape. 
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Contacless Induction Training

Induct staff remotely to remove the risks of face-to-face inductions

A COVID-19 Induction Sample

Your IFW account already includes a customisable COVID-19 induction sample

Contacless Sign ins

Allow your users to register their arrival at and departure from your worksites using their mobile device

Pre-employment COVID-19 Quiz


COVID 19 Online Induction Training

COVID-19 Work Induction

Seamless online staff inductions during COVID-19 – and beyond COVID-19 changed the face of working life forever by forcing so many of us to work

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