Do I need to retrain my employees?

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Inducting new employees plays a vital role in the smooth, safe and efficient running of an organisation, but retraining existing employees is just as crucial

Both inductions and retraining sessions ensure employees are made aware – and remain aware – of the latest rules, regulations, practices and behaviours within an industry and, more importantly, within your organisation and, by regularly retraining staff, you’ll ensure their knowledge is never out of date.

You’ll also be able to provide a refresher as to how things are supposed to be done, which is helpful for long-term staff members who sometimes fall into their own routines of doing things, which aren’t always the best or most efficient ways of doing things, especially if other staff members are picking up their bad habits or shortcuts!

So, here are the main reasons you should absolutely and regularly retrain existing employees rather than merely focussing all your training efforts of new recruits:

Retraining isn’t just about re-enforcing things your existing employees already know. It’s also about upskilling them personally. Yes, this adds to their overall contribution within your organisation, but it can also help build their confidence and their prospects of, perhaps, being promoted which, generally, brings with it the prospect of greater pay.

In turn, it can lead to more motivated, productive and happy employees – and that is something that genuinely benefits both the employee – and his/her employer.

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