Free trial provides you with a full version for 14 days. You get to experience the depth and breadth of Induct For Work cloud software so you know exactly what you are getting when subscribing to one of our monthly induction training packages.

After your free trial you will automatically be transitioned to our free plan if you do nothing. You may choose to delete all the data by contacting us and if you decide to continue subscribing you would need to enter your payment details.

Absolutely. At Induct For Work we understand that your induction usage may change from time to time and you are free to switch between plans.

Absolutely not. There is no contract apart from our standard terms of use, just pay as you go, month to month. Upgrade/downgrade/cancel at anytime.

Data security comes first in everything we do.

Induct For Work utilises SSL certificates that support 256 bit SSL encryption, the same level of encryption used by online banks. This ensures all communications to and from the Induct For Work website are encrypted in bank-grade security protocol.

Our London data center is protected by 24 hour surveillance and we ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches.

If you do it yourself setup fee is $0.

If you prefer to engage our specialists – setup fee will depend on how much work is involved in creating and uploading your induction content. Contact us here to discuss your requirements.