Broadcast is an innovative feature designed for administrators to effectively communicate with a select group of inductees. It offers a streamlined and efficient way to send messages, updates, or important information to a targeted audience based on specific criteria. With the Broadcast feature, administrators can:

  • Select Recipients by Site: Choose inductees from specific sites or locations. This is particularly useful for location-specific announcements or updates.
  • Filter by Induction Status: Target inductees based on their induction status, whether they are new, in progress, or completed. This allows for tailored communication relevant to each group’s current phase in the induction process.
  • Customize Messages: Craft personalized messages that are relevant and engaging to the selected group of inductees.
  • Efficient Communication: Save time and resources by sending a single message to a group rather than individual communications.

    This feature is a valuable tool for administrators seeking to maintain clear, consistent, and effective communication with inductees across different sites and induction phases.