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We know how challenging planning and running induction training can be, especially when there are so many other things on your to do list, all the time. That is why we are extremely excited to provide a powerful, customisable yet flexible and easy-to-use online induction training tool. We love it and we are confident that you’ll love it too.

Work induction software

Our software is 100% user friendly and easy to use, it considerably simplifies managing work online inductions

Online Portals

All users can register themselves by visiting your company portal. This greatly reduces your admin data entry work. Manual invites are also available.

unlimited courses

Create as many induction courses as required. You are NOT limited on how many slides or quizzes you are allowed to have.

Unlimited users

Take all your users through their regular induction training without worrying of going over the budget. Your monthly fee covers unlimited email invite users.

No lock in contracts

Simply pay by the month using our automated billing system or pay annually. The choice is yours.
No credit card surcharges too.

User friendly

All existing users we surveyed found Induct For Work to be the easiest induction system on the market. We don't stop there as we are constantly making it even better.

mobile friendly

As new devices are constantly entering the market - we constantly make sure that your induction content is rendered well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Free apps

All users can download apps for IOS and Android devices. Admin users will find it easier to control users by scanning their ID cards using their mobile devices.

local support

If you ever need any questions answered we are here for you. If your request is rather to manage your account or to make any changes to your content then we have paid options too.

Work induction functions

Whether you are providing safety training to your users or gathering and monitoring compliance documents, we've got you covered

Contractor Pre-Quals

Pre-approve contractor companies before allowing their employees to do your inductions. Approve/Reject supplied compliance documents.

general inductions

Create your general online inductions that may contain safety policies and procedures. Collect compliance documents from your inductees.

media files

Upload text, images, voice overs, video links and pdf files to your courses. Auto convert existing power point inductions into an online format.

site specific

Create site specific inductions that will take your users through a specific set of instructions that may contain local hazards, emergency procedures etc.

induction cards

Choose from our ID card templates or create your own using our inbuilt Certificate Designer software. Select your own card sizes, colours, position QR code and user details including their document details where it fits best.

document registry

Share site specific documents between your admin users such as Swms, product technical and safety data sheets, warranties and other documents. Upload and update these documents 24 x 7


Generate comprehensive account activities reports in an instant. Track all user progress filtering reports by dates, company names, induction sites, induction names and induction statuses.

auto re-invite

Let the system chase up all unanswered online induction invites. Auto reminders are delivered to your users if they do not respond to your initial invite. If ignored - we notify you and your admin users.

optional add on features

To further reduce your time spent on managing online inductions

Account setup

Self setup is free but our team can setup your account to your exact requirements to make sure that everything flows as it should be, ensuring positive user experience. Packages are available.

account management

If you need to make any changes to your account - simply login and update your content or account settings. If you'd like us to do it - not a problem. Our pay as you go hourly rates are very competitive.

additional portals

If you need to run online inductions in multiple states or countries you may consider creating additional portals. Each portal can have their own designated admin users.

Document registry

This registry provides all your admin users with an access to site specific documents. These might include Swms, material data sheets, warranties, records of toolbox meeting etc.

History log

To avoid uncertainty of which admin user made changes to your account content - activate History Log. It displays your admin user activities records, which eliminates answers such as "I do not know" or "Wasn't me".

text to voice

To maximise inductee's engagement their online induction training material should be accompanied by voice narration. Any text within your slides can be converted to voice recordings right on the spot.

sign in / out

You can keep track of who is attending your site/s. Only currently inducted staff are allowed to sign in to your worksites using qr codes on their ID cards and by providing some other personal information.

tailored inductions

You can use one of our consultants to create a tailored induction specific to your site. your induction course to be tailored to your a generic induction does not cover your site specifics we have a number of consultants who are ready to visit your site to create you a suitable and an approved induction.

staff training

We can visit you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand to provide your staff with comprehensive training sessions. Various online and face to face packages are available.


If you are using other apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Microsoft Office, Xero or others and need to sync data between your accounts - we can integrate Induct For Work to any third party software.

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