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We know how challenging planning and running induction training can be, especially when there are so many other things on your to do list, all the time. That is why we are extremely excited to provide a powerful, customisable yet flexible and easy-to-use online induction training tool. We love it and we are confident that you’ll love it too.

Work induction software

Our software is 100% user friendly and easy to use, it considerably simplifies managing work online inductions

Online Portals

All users can register themselves by visiting your company portal. This greatly reduces your admin data entry work. Manual invites are also available.

unlimited courses

Create as many induction courses as required. You are NOT limited on how many slides or quizzes you are allowed to have.

Unlimited users

Take all your users through their regular induction training without worrying of going over the budget. Your monthly fee covers unlimited email invite users.

No lock in contracts

Simply pay by the month using our automated billing system or pay annually. The choice is yours.
No credit card surcharges.

User friendly

All admin users we surveyed found Induct For Work to be the easiest induction system on the market. We don't stop there as we are constantly making it even better.

mobile friendly

As new devices are constantly entering the market - we constantly make sure that your induction content is rendered well on current devices and screen sizes.

Free apps

All users can download apps for IOS and Android devices. Admin users will find it easier to control users by scanning their ID cards using their mobile devices.

email support

We respond to all your questions within the same business day. Setup packages are also available for time poor admin users. Free online training for admins.

Work induction functions

Whether you are providing safety training to your users or gathering and monitoring compliance documents, we've got you covered

Contractor Pre-Quals

Collect all required documentation from your Contractors. Approve or Reject supplied licences, certificates, .

general inductions

Create your general online inductions that may contain safety policies and procedures. Collect compliance documents from your inductees.

media files

Upload text, images, voice overs, video links and pdf files to your courses. Auto convert existing power point inductions into an online format.

site specific

Create site specific inductions that will take your users through a specific set of instructions that may contain local hazards, emergency procedures etc.

induction cards

Choose from our ID card templates or create your own using our inbuilt Certificate Designer software. Select your own card sizes, colours, position QR code and user details including their document details where it fits best.

document registry

Share site specific documents between your admin users such as Swms, product technical and safety data sheets, warranties and other documents. Upload and update these documents 24 x 7


Generate comprehensive account activities reports in an instant. Track all user progress filtering reports by dates, company names, induction sites, induction names and induction statuses.

auto re-invite

Let the system chase up all unanswered online induction invites. Auto reminders are delivered to your users if they do not respond to your initial invite. If ignored - we notify you and your admin users.

optional add on features

To further reduce your time spent on managing online inductions

Account setup

Let our team to setup your account to your exact requirements to make sure that everything flows as it should be, ensuring positive user experience. Talk to us to find the best setup Packages.

account management

If you need to make any changes to your account - simply login and update your content or account settings. If you'd like us to do it - not a problem. Our pay as you go hourly rates are very competitive.

additional branches

If you need to run online inductions in other countries you may choose to consider creating additional branches that can be delegated to selected admin users.

Document registry

This registry provides all your admin users with an access to site specific documents. These might include Swms, material data sheets, warranties, records of toolbox meeting etc.

History log

To avoid uncertainty of which admin user made changes to your account content - activate History Log. It records and displays your admin user activities eliminates answers such as "I don't know" or "Wasn't me".

text to voice

To maximise inductee's engagement their online induction training material should be accompanied by voice narration. Any text within your slides can be converted to voice recordings right on the spot.

sign in / out

You can keep track of who is attending your site/s. Only currently inducted staff are allowed to sign in to your worksites using qr codes on their ID cards and by providing some other personal information.


If you are using other apps such as Bamboo HR, People HR, OneDrive, Office, Xero or thousands of others, you can now sync some of the data between your accounts.

staff training

We can visit you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand to provide your staff with comprehensive training sessions. Various online and face to face packages are available.

tailored inductions

Do not rely on general sample inductions as they can not guarantee your compliance. Engage one of our consultants to create a tailored induction specific to your own worksite.

Video production

We can visit you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand to record a professional induction training video or a series of training video modules.

VR Training

VR enables training to be communicated effectively in a safe environment, teaching the viewers the necessary on-boarding material as if they are already in the physical space.

Coming soon - background Checks

Take control of your employment screening.

Police checks

Fast and 100% online, national police checks can be requested using your Induct For Work account. 70% of results can be delivered within 1 business day.

employment checks

Mobile friendly experience making responses from candidates and referees easier and faster. Direct SMS and email messaging to both candidate and referee for faster response time.

Qualification checks

Our smart and cost-effective pre-screening and background checks are perfect for busy employers. Available across Australia and internationally, align with the industry leaders today.

vevo visa check

Confirming an employee’s work entitlements is useful for employers that need to offload the onerous task of manually validating an entire work force to ensure they’re employing legal workers.

credit checks

We specialise in online anti-money laundering (AML), bankruptcy and credit history checks in Australia which not only protects your company from fraud and theft, but also gives you confidence that you have complied with all licensing requirements.

traffic and licence checks

Driving licence and traffic checks are the most cost-effective way to safeguard your business when you're hiring courier drivers, transport drivers, removalists, truck drivers, sales teams, or any position that requires a licensed driver to operate a company vehicle.

predictive assessments

We provide you with the information you need to hire better people, in less time. It's quick and easy to place orders, and the Psychometric Assessments are delivered securely online so there's less candidate management required from your end.

international checks

Our services span over 190 countries. Regardless of where you are, or where you've come from, we have the international coverage you need. Order it all online and on demand.

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