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"IFW helps us engage with our staff. System has been excellent for auditing purposes – Fair Work, WorkSafe, HACCP, Freshcare. All have been very impressed with its capabilities. "
Manager, Dicky Bill Farming

Choose the right plan

when your induction requirements change

We understand that your online induction requirements may change from time to time and that is why we do not want you to be locked into any single plan.

We welcome you to switch between plans at anytime as many times as needed. The system will only charge the difference between your plans or it will keep your account in credit if you downgrade or if you go back to your Free plan.

The switch between plans takes immediate effect.

switching back to Free account

Some businesses may induct bulk of their staff only during busy seasonal periods. During quiter months they may only induct a few people here and there.

We understand induction needs of seasonal businesses like no other online induction provider. We welcome your business to switch back to a free account at anytime, and you can do it yourself, from your account settings. You will still be able to continue running your inductions for up to 5 occasional employees a month, and there will be no charge to induct them online.

Some data may be lost when you downgrade to a free plan like any admin users but all your induction content will not be deleted and will become available when you upgrade to a paid plan again.