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How can Online Inductions Help your Business

All businesses, large and small, have a legal duty to provide online induction and/or face-to-face training to new employees. The aim of the induction training is to familiarise new starters with the company, its ethos, policies, health and safety procedures, job benefits and performance expectations. A successful induction programme will help get new team members up to speed faster, make them more productive and efficient and encourage employees to become committed to the organisation.

Online inductions – an alternative way to induct new employees

Conducting inductions face to face can be time-consuming, costly and admin heavy in any business. This is especially true for organisations that have large numbers of contractors and staff arriving at various times, across multiple locations. But what’s the alternative? The best alternative to traditional induction training methods is the online induction delivery format. Automating the induction training process using online induction systems makes the human resources management easier and more streamlined and gives the employer peace of mind that inductions are being completed properly, in a consistent manner.

So what are some of the features that make online inductions useful and effective for businesses of all sizes? Let’s find out.

1. Lower operating costs

Delivering induction training sessions online can help make your business operations more efficient. Organisations that migrate to online induction systems experience reductions in lost production time, resulting in significant savings when compared to traditional induction methods. Online inductions also cut the resources spent on trainers, room hire, printed materials and travel and accommodation. In addition, delivering inductions online is a zero cost exercise. After the initial cost of content and licenses, there is no cost of running the induction course online – allowing your business to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum expense.

2. Improved learning outcomes

Online induction systems allow business owners to provide induction training to contractors and employees before they arrive on site so that they are fully trained and ready for work from day one. Using an online delivery method helps ensure the usability of the induction training course. For example, the information in online site inductions, online safety induction and online contractor induction courses can be broken down into small chunks, put into a logical sequence and delivered over a number of days or weeks. This makes the material presented in the induction course easily digestible and memorable, allowing the learners to better absorb and retain information.

3. Automated induction processes. Taking an online induction process and automating it is a great

way to introduce uniformity, consistency and control to a business. By automating the induction process employees are taking more responsibility for the experience and a business owner takes more control of the outcomes. Moving induction training online means your inductions are always accessible on any device, from any location wherever there is an Internet connection. This makes it much easier to manage the rolling requirements such as cyclical training or re-enforcing key messages and policies and ensuring that everything is up to date and compliant.

4. Reduced risk

An online induction platform can be used to deliver online safety induction training to employees, contractor and visitors. The workers can upload documents, pictures and get sufficient safety training before they enter the worksite. An online safety induction will ensure your staff and contractors are properly trained and suitably certified prior to arrival onsite. This will help minimise the risk of work related accidents and injuries.

5. Better compliance

Online inductions make it easier to ensure compliance with the requirements under the work health and safety regulation. All business owners need to keep accurate records that the induction training has been completed and to locate which workers are certified to perform specific duties or use particular equipment. Online induction systems enable proven reporting functionality. With online inductions all records of staff induction training are immediately updated and can be shared across departments. This allows to easily track the employee learning progress and see whether he or she has completed, been tested and understand each part of the induction.

Regardless of the size of your business, online inductions can help ensure your legal obligations are being met effectively. Moving your inductions online takes time and energy but quickly pays off for the individual worker, the department and the organisation. Whether you need to induct new employee or provide safety training to contractors, choosing to do it online will ensure the best outcomes for your staff and your business.

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