How to grow with Induct For Work

how to grow with Induct For Work

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Your growing business & why you need to induct:

Any growing or established business will have a series of goals and objectives put forth by its leaders to be achieved through the course of operations in order to be successful and high functioning. In order to achieve bigger goals short term objectives, tasks and routines should be set out for your team. Whilst hard work and enthusiasm should consistently be reinforced and encouraged by the business leaders. These goals are business needs, a series of necessary achievements to run a profitable and successful business. These needs however, can only be met if carried out by a well adjusted and correctly trained staff. An employee’s work reflects on the organisation’s success. To maximise the potential of a business’ growth and success, the staff’s potential must also be maximised. Meaning that work occurs with as high a capacity of efficiency, effectiveness and dedication as possible.

To maximise a workforce’s potential all employees should undergo a thorough and comprehensive induction process. A good induction process ensures the employee commences work with the right information to ensure maximum productivity from as quickly as possible.

Inductions also fulfil your legal obligations in preparing your workers with all the safety knowledge and procedures necessary to navigate their work environment in compliance with OH&S laws.

Conducting your inductions online, through Induct for Work, may just be the best move for your business, and here’s why:

By utilising the same online induction software for all your employees, you’re saving countless hours that may otherwise be spent conducting these inductions face-to-face. Online inductions can be carried out at any time of convenience to the employee throughout the day, from anywhere they have access to a computer. They can go at whatever pace necessary to ensure they’ve absorbed the information and can revisit an induction course if necessary. Also, when utilising online inductions it also means face-to-face induction needn’t be conducted and the time employers would spend in doing so can be better utilised elsewhere. This means that online inductions saves time for both the employee and employer.

Online inductions are more cost effective because they disregard the need for general on-site inductions, meaning that all time spent on-site by employees and employers alike, can be better spent working. Also the operations costs of induction will be marginally reduced. For example, if your business tend to hire venues in which to conduct large group inductions and meetings, that expense will no longer be necessary.

By sending the same induction course to all new and existing employees, and making all workers complete induction courses whenever there is an update in work procedure or environment, ensures a consistency to the quality of induction, which in turn can ensure that the quality of their work and knowledge is consistent.

So much time can be saved on managing inductions due to our induction software. Induction tracking and expiration dates monitoring is no longer a time consuming burden, but an automated process which can be easily managed. Axe all the necessary paperwork and filing and replace it with our simple and easy to use system. Which allows you to check any employee’s progress with their online inductions to the point of completion, and keep records, all in one convenient location.

The amount of time and effort otherwise spent on conducting, managing and tracking inductions can now be spent on other areas, allowing for an increase in management productivity. This way, managers can take on other roles while using Induct for Work.

What is Induct for Work?

We are, at the very least, the only tool your business will need to achieve a high quality of induction and a well prepared staff. Here at Induct for work we provide an online induction service, across a variety of packages, customisable to your business’ particular needs through which you can, in a cost and time effective manner, rapidly train your entire workforce whilst simultaneously managing all the inductions at once using our easy-to-navigate software. We also offer a 14 day FREE trial, so you can see for yourself.

As you grow, so will we!

Induct for Work can scale up with growing number of users and will stay stable. We can accommodate increase in your staff inductions should your business expand and you require more inductions. We also offer a wide range of packages and our induction courses are also customisable to your needs. Induct for Work is constantly releasing new features and functionalities to make managing induction even easier, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business with us.

To begin growing and inducting your workforce register your account here.

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