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Rapid Inductions with Induct For Work

Let’s start with understanding what inductions are and why they are important.

Inductions are a type of training necessary to the commencement of employment of any employee, contractor or volunteer. It is the training provided to new workforce by the employer or company which discloses the performance requirements of their new job. It’s purpose is to assist in the adjustment process by allowing the employee to familiarise themselves with their new working environment and providing information on required tasks, procedures and company rules and expectations.

The initial induction training should outline the basic elements of the business,the services it provides and what is expected of the employee upon beginning their new role. This training process exists to systematically facilitate the transition period of new workers for both the employer and the employee.Ensuring that the new employees are prepared and can begin working correctly and efficiently from the very start.

The lack of an adequate induction process however, can be damaging to the business’ productivity for new employees will lack the knowledge needed to fulfil their required tasks.

The downside to the induction process

Providing employees with the information they need to begin working can be complicated, costly and time consuming. Particularly if a business hires many employees at a consistent rate over time. Hosting on-site inductions, which are inductions that occur in person at the workplace between an employee and their employer or supervisor, consumes time which could be better spent by both parties, actually working, and time is money. With personal inductions it also becomes harder for the employer to keep track of the information that has been distributed to each new employee, and whether that information has been properly absorbed.

The solution? – Induct For Work

Through online inductions any employer can rapidly and effectively induct any number of employees at once and the quality of the induction will remain consistent at a great standard. This is because, through online inductions the new employees can easily revisit any areas of information as many times as necessary to guarantee a complete understanding. Employers can also keep tabs of progress, test employees and remain updated on all phases of the induction which have been completed.

Here at Induct for work this rapid induct technique is readily available to all our clients, providing a simple and innovative way of training new staff, with assistance and support always made available.

All the induction requirements for your business can be conveniently met in one location. By simply registering and selecting the induction criteria most suitable for your business, or trying us out with our 14 day free trial, you can make use of our rapid induction services.

To begin inducting rapidly, head to the top right corner of our page and select ‘register’. If you are looking to set up online inductions for your company, select that option. You will then be directed to fill out a small information section, upon completion you can already begin rapidly inducting, it’s that easy!

All customers are entitled to our 14 day free trial, or may select any package according to their induction needs.

There are also many great features catered to assisting your rapid induction, including:

online inductions

The benefits to inducting with Induct for Work

Our induction methods can ensure standardised training methods for all staff and employees, this means that the induction quality on behalf of the organisation and employer, are guaranteed. If all staff undergo the same thorough, informative and comprehensive induction process upon beginning, they will all be well equipped to uphold the organisation’s standard of work, due to the consistent standard and quality of training they receive.

The administrative work involved in managing the training period of new staff members decreases. If the induction process occurs online, so can the administration process. This way everything can be managed digitally and all the necessary information can be easily accessed and reviewed in one convenient location.

Consistency. Once you’ve created the best customised induction course for your organisation, it can be administered to all employees old and new. You can even provide new information and induction courses as the company evolves. This systematic approach allows for the training to be consistent across your entire organisation, and consistency ensures effectiveness.

To begin rapidly inducting your work force with us, click the Register button above.

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