Inducting a temp

Intoduction Inducting temporary workers

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What to cover when inducting a temp

The nature of the modern workplace means that sooner or later, many businesses will require the use of a temp. It could be for a day, it could be for a week or a little longer. But the art of inducting someone who could be gone in 7.5 hours is a delicate balancing act, albeit an essential one. So here’s 10 things to make sure you cover off.

  1. An outline, or refresher, of their duties, and your expectations of what they will achieve during their time with you, paired with an introduction to their immediate supervisor and their colleagues.
  2. A brief introduction to what the business does and what role the department they are working for performs. It will only take five minutes but, as always, the most someone knows, the better they can perform.
  3. The location of all emergency exits and the appropriate health and safety/first aid officer plus information on hazard reporting.
  4. A tour of the office that includes their desk/cubicle, where they can safely store their belongings, the restrooms and the location of the kitchen, or at least tea/coffee making facilities. Make sure you also explain where they can find a mug and also clarify whether beverages are free so they can make themselves a drink worry free.
  5. A full complement of passwords that work, and details of the direct phone number and email address they’ll be contactable through, in case they need to give them to someone.
  6. The specifics of their available breaks, from smoking to lunch, including when they can take them off, how long they have and who they must sign in and out with.
  7. The policy on usage of private mobile phones during working hours and whether private calls and private use of the internet are allowed in the office. Also hand over the password for free Wi-Fi if it’s applicable.
  8. A run-through of any equipment they might be expected to use, from whether you need to dial 0 for outside calls to how to scan a document via the photocopier.
  9. Any environmental policies the company has in place, such as rules for the recycling of soft drink cans.
  10. Some helpful information on where they can grab a coffee or sandwich locally as a little local knowledge can go a long way
  11. Any other useful information may also be included in temp induction. 

Do you have any questions or great tips to share?