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Induction videos to get you started

Three of the best: Induction videos to get you started

Making a great induction video is not easy. Creating the perfect induction video is a fine balancing act because there’s, generally, a lot of information to get through. And you don’t want the video to take so long that you send the new employee to sleep!

Here are three terrific examples of induction videos with pizazz that capture the scope and breadth of what should be included.  From requirements for maintaining a safe workplace to reminders that it’s actually OK to be a little nervous and unsure on your first day.

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Virgin Mobile

Fantastic video. Full of Richard Branson’s personality (it not his voice) that covers everything from environmental impacts to Virgin’s global customer mission.

NSW Healthshare

A great mix of the personal and the practical, which answers any questions a new staff could have.


The first speaker promises: “I’m here to show you around and give you a taste of what’s ahead.” And that’s exactly what’s delivered in a comprehensive and engaging style.


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