Online inductions for cleaning contractors

online inductions for cleaners

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Cleaning contractor inductions

Normally, the cleaning sector is perceived as insignificant, yet it rakes in around $4 billion for the Australian economy. It also employs more than 62,000 people all over Australia. The law requires that all employees, contractors and sub-contractors get inducted so that they are no danger to themselves or others. This is normally done through teaching, provision of instructional material, and personal guidance for workers without experience or the necessary occupational skills. There are few common challenges facing cleaning contractors. Cleaning is not only demanding, but the companies also have to stay competitive, learn the ins and outs of acquiring new customers, and hire and train new employees. Some of the other challenges that face cleaning companies face include but not limited to:

Retaining a well-trained and capable staff is a vital part of providing high-quality and consistent services. However, most contractors struggle to keep their staff on board. The high staff turnover results in poor work quality and also weakens the relationship already developed between the client and the onsite cleaners. This will ultimately cost your cleaning company in reputation and profits. The inconsistency of your employees also raises security concerns with the client as it implies that you are not performing the necessary screening or due diligence before hiring. The high staff turnover stems from a number of factors with the primary one being inadequate training. Induct for Work gives you an opportunity to stipulate your expectations to your new employees. It gives you a platform where you can make them understand their job description. Employee retention enables you to save money in the long run as you spend less hiring replacements and covering absences.

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Cleaners need to be trained on how to provide consistent and individualised training to the client. Now more than ever, companies are conscious of health regulations, following the right procedures, and meeting industry standards in order to be compliant with the legal requirements. Your cleaning company has to follow suit by refining their processes and improving standards. This is especially the case if you are providing the services in a hospital, industry, or a school setting. Keeping employees engaged and maintaining their attention during the learning process is quite tricky. Induct for Work enables you to break the training barrier by combining such things as pictures, interactive questions, videos, voice over pieces, and so on, all of which keep the staff lively and engaged. Through online induction, you will be able to standardise and provide consistent training to your staff thus ensuring a quality workforce. Through online training costs associated with one-on-one training such as the hiring of trainers or training grounds, travelling, and accommodation costs are eliminated.

Acquiring new customers as well as maintaining the existing ones is vital to any business, with a cleaning company being no exception. Although you might be advertising, you will need to deliver what you promise. Induct for Work provides you with a platform where you can upload materials on new and cleaning products and equipment, training videos, product manuals, and so on. This will make your employees feel confident about their abilities and deliver exceptional results. This will give your company a competitive edge.

The cleaning industry is quite competitive with many contractors often contending for the same client. For your company to be successful you must stand out in the industry which often implies offering your services through the newest technologies. New technology ensures that you will take less time to complete tasks as well as perform better. In recent times, we have seen more people embrace the use of robots to handle tasks. Induct for Work enables you to train your employees on how to effectively use new technology. Through the platform, you can upload simulations on how to perform tasks and then provide them with a safe and controlled environment to practice.

Poor communication is often the primary cause of below average cleaning services. Apart from leading to a strained relationship between you and the client, it also leads to overall dissatisfaction. A proficient cleaning company needs to constantly keep tabs on the customer’s needs and expectations and remember crucial elements about them. Induct for Work empowers you to train your employees on how to keep the communication lines open. Proper communication will enable the identification and resolving of issues before you lose your client. Through Induct for Work, the staff can review the training material as many times as they wish as opposed to single classroom lessons. An online platform also makes it easy to answer questions at any time. Don’t wait any longer, start your own induction for cleaning contractors and employees.

Final thoughts

Face-to-face training makes it difficult for the employer to determine which members of staff have understood the material presented during training. In the same way, it is impossible to know which of your employees are compliant to the set rules and regulations if the only tool at your disposal is their attendance to training sessions. Through Induct for Work you will be able to track the progress of your staff training as well as assess their induction quiz scores. You will also be able to schedule refresher training courses and upload job descriptions. Induct for Work is an effective way of ensuring that your staff are inducted and that they stay compliant. Through the use of an online induction platform, your contractor induction records are stored as well as the employees’ course certifications.

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