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9 Reasons

Why You Need an LMS Like Induct For Work

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It provides an online space where aspects of physical learning are transferred.

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It provides an online space where aspects of physical learning are transferred. On this platform, courses are created, stored, and distributed to learners. Learner registration, assessment, and certifications are done at the same place. Administrators can generate whatever learner-related reports they need at any given time. Where circumstances do not favour people meeting in a traditional classroom as has been witnessed with Covid 19 restrictions, your classes can still go on, finding learners where they are to their delight and your convenience. There are self-hosted software and cloud-based ones.A trainer can lead the training process but they can also set up the courses in a way that makes them easily accessible by trainees or students on their own, leaving valuable time for the trainers to handle other things. The software has a central server that stores all the course materials and an interface for learners, trainers, and administrators. In many cases, this software has capabilities that allow the learners have discussions and administrators create announcements or conduct conferences.

The software is used for delivering learning solutions to schools, universities and colleges, corporations, and government. In corporations, it is used for inducting employees, contractors, agencies, and customers. These people can access the courses using their preferred devices at their own convenience.

Benefits of Using a
Learning Management System

We were all used to predictable patterns and the comforts of the ‘known’. Then out of the blue, the carpet was swept under our feet. If Covid 19 has disrupted your training or teaching activities as it has done in almost all other spheres and you are at a loss as to what to do, then read on.

As a CEO, Human Resource Manager, or school head, you must be wondering how to carry on with the new normal-how to reach your induction or teaching objectives most effectively under prevailing circumstances. You have heard of LMSes but don’t fully understand them, or why you need them in the first place. We are here to help you. If there is some element lacking in this writeup, you can click here to see our previous articles on LMS.

Let us delve into WHY you need an LMS of your choice.

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1. Online Learning Software Imitate the Traditional Class

In the traditional class, the way we have always understood learning, the trainer or teacher prepares the learning content, turns it into usable forms for their learners; could be books, manuals, or handouts, and stores them in the office or store. When the year is beginning or training schedule comes up, the material is distributed, assessments done after learning sessions are completed, scores given and certifications issued.

In online learning, the same is done. Some software come in with inbuilt courses as they are tailored to a specific group. All the instructor does is distribute and manage the course. If this is not done for you, then it is still very easy to upload your courses and have them stored on the central server. When your schedule comes up, you register your learners, give the IDs via email, then distribute the courses which are accessed through the portal.

If it is a new course or lesson, you will have the ability to quickly assess its impact on learners and do any adjustments needed. When they have finished a unit you can prepare a quiz to test their understanding. At the end of the full course, just as is the norm with learning, you are well able to issue exams and certificates. Should you need to announce anything, a very efficient notification system send it to all your learners immediately. An LMS is no longer so strange, is it?

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2. Learning Content is Centralized

Since the learning materials are stored in a central server, it is accessible to learners and administrators any time. Any interested, authorized party can generate reports relevant to them. This is especially so if you are using cloud-based software.

Your data is safe compared to keeping it in different devices or being carried around by people. Think of instances where your course materials got lost because something happened to one of your trainers? With an LMS you don’t have to worry about such problems.

3. Training Costs are Reduced

There are no costs associated with printing or photocopying. All content, forms of all kinds, and reports are created or generated within the system. It is also easy to update the content according to your need without incurring extra costs. Accessibility from any location means there is no need for transport and refreshments. In the case of new companies that are trying to get a footing in the training business with no facilities, one cause of worry has been eliminated for you. You don’t need any facilities. Just market your course, register your students, and deliver the course – that’s all.
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4. User Access is Not Limited

Full-time workers have very limited time to spare and inductions are not always welcome news for many. Yet we know all identified staff must get extra skills to perform maximally in their duties. And for categories like factory workers, health institutions, hotels, and construction, continuous training is a necessity. Being accessible anytime from anywhere, online courses become attractive.

Any learner having free access means they can go back to difficult concepts as many times as they need to until they fully understand. This results in course mastery which is key in sensitive groups such as construction workers going through the compliance induction process. Working with remote teams becomes easier as they access the same training with their local counterparts.

5. Flexibility

Learning Management software is easy to incorporate your brand in, in terms of logo, the colour scheme of your company, and any other identifying element that distinguishes you from your competitors. You will not lose your identity by conducting your learning processes online. You will be able to subtly market yourself to more people through your branded email content, IDs, and other course-related communications.

In addition, trainers and teachers find it necessary to update their courses in line with teaching trends or to accommodate new information. That is easy to do while using an LMS because any change is uniformly and instantaneously reflected in the course. And because the course is on a central server, you will not have instances where some learners have old content and others new. To avoid confusion, you can communicate the effected changes through the notification system.

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6. Compliance Made Easy

As a business, you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. A learning management system, like Induct For Work, automates all your compliances processes; safety and health training for your workers, retraining sessions, certifications, insurances, renewals, and every other compliance need you can think of. Notifications of due dates for retraining, inspections, and schedules are sent to admins promptly.

When the government comes up with new policies or announces updates, you can effortlessly incorporate them within your system and have the same communicated to your workers. As the process is easy, you will not postpone the inclusions or updates which is not safe at all as you can forget and become non-compliant.

7. Training Time Greatly Reduced

You and your trainees or learners do not have to go to class. The training is well thought out and concise, and there are no distractions that are found in the traditional mode of learning. Videos that replace face-to-face instruction thoroughly explain concepts, step by step, making them easy to understand.

Each learner is taken care of according to their pace, personality, and learning style. There are no instances of digression in the course delivery process especially when learners access the course themselves. In class, there are always people who distract sessions because they want attention. This is not the case with learner-based courses, so time is much saved.

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8. Tracking the Learning Process

An effective learning management system allows you to find out how each learner is faring and whether they are achieving their goals. You are then able to identify areas of weakness and offer additional help specific to their particular need. The analyzing and reporting capability assists you evaluate the weak and strong segments in the learning process and fill the gaps where necessary.

It is also possible to know who attended the course and who did not. With this kind of transparency, it is hard for anyone to misrepresent information, hence making the course successful.

9. Learner Collaboration

The software allows the learners to collaborate through group discussions where they share ideas or do group work which enhances grasping of concepts. This serves as motivation to all involved. Such interactions take place on the platform’s chat and videos and they can communicate to their instructors via emails.

The instructors enhance their courses through shared video links or audios. Additionally, trainers, their learners, and admins can access the reports and information in real time. You don’t have to go to the office or move from one to the other looking for it. Having quick access to information makes collaboration easier as all parties can effectively participate.

It is also possible to know who attended the course and who did not. With this kind of transparency, it is hard for anyone to misrepresent information, hence making the course successful.

Induct For Work, Staff Inductions
and Compliance

Induct For Work is a Learning Management System that is cloud-based. It was developed more than 15 years ago to cater to companies that need to induct their workers, including those in the construction industry, regularly. To keep up with emerging trends, we continue to update the software while adding new features and this saves you from regular upgrades. Being cloud-based has the advantage that whenever we make changes to the system or add new features, the change is instantaneously reflected on your end.

Our software is developed for the workplace. It has all the features you need to carry out your inductions without stress. These are a friendly user interface, report generation, course creation or modification ability, notification system, and are flexible in the brand and report customization. All training processes are automated.

The construction industry has a greater understanding when it comes to staff inductions. You have to make sure that your staff knows the safety and health regulations that they need to abide by. Because of the nature of the jobs carried out by your company, you need to ensure you communicate the reporting protocol to your staff. They also need to know the details of projects, their role concerning safety and health, the company’s responsibility concerning the same as well as compensation policy if any.

As a company, you have the obligation to train your workers on your site regulations; for every single site since each has a different kind of layout and dangers. Some of the rules that your workers must know about include places that have restrictions, how to handle fire outbreaks, gargets policy, cleanliness management, and other company-specific ones.

As a manager or foreman, you must find the routine repetitive and time-consuming. Have you ever given such long induction talks until you felt like dozing midway, and wondered if it was of any use, yet it had to be done? Do you want to have more engagement and a bit of enthusiasm from your inductees? That is where Induct For Work comes in. Made by a reputable company with an engineering background, it has all the solutions you need. You can henceforth hold your inductions safely online, reach your people where they are, and avoid injuries occurring during your training sessions.

You have had an overflow of business that caught you unawares and had to quickly come up with a coping strategy, part of which is to add some more staff and create specialized departments. You have probably approached a talent acquisition agency, had a successful selection and now you are ready for their inclusion into your team. Have you ever conducted a staff induction before?

Induction is the process of having your new employees feel welcome, learn their role and your expectations of them, and helping them settle down. It is a very necessary process because how you treat the new staff in those first days will determine their staying or leaving. Your company must not take chances of inefficiencies such as wrong information given to your clients because your new Admin Assistant does not know any better, and nobody seems to care.

Whether you are a construction company or in any other industry, you are well covered by our software. It comes with inbuilt sample content you can use with slight modifications, and also gives you room to create your own given your preferences. It has all the benefits of a great LMS, coupled with great technical support.

Induct For Work assists you meet compliance effortlessly. If you take your compliance obligations casually, you can easily find yourself in a court of law sweating hard wondering how to undo it. The reality is, you are already in court. It is unsettling not to find a receipt that contains payment dates to a government agency, the very day you need to pay. Anyone can forget due dates to insurance companies for various reasons.

To have effective compliance, your organization needs a solid system in place. This will make your process easier, save you anxiety that comes with threatened none compliance, and leave you extra time you can use to solve more complex issues. Aim for greater compliance which can assist you to avoid deep problems such as being fined, wasting time on endless trips to courts, and business closure which will significantly affect your reputation in addition to loss of income. Losing a business to fire is a very different affair. It may give you more clients out of sympathy. Try losing it through non-compliance.

Our software has great features to assist you avoid such scenarios. It automates the whole process. You just need to input your dates and create schedules. Then turn on the notification capability and you are set. Promptly, when a date is due, your admins will swiftly get notified well in advance.

Let us recap what we have learnt today. LMS stands for learning management system. It is an online platform for learning where courses are created, deposited, administered and assessed, certified and outcomes reported. There are many benefits of using such a system including cutting down on training costs, individuals learning at their own pace from anywhere, thorough assessment of performance, and is easily updatable.

Induct For Work is a learning management system that is cloud-based. The software assists companies reach their goals of staff inductions and compliance. We have developed it with many features that adequately meet your training needs, with a very user-friendly interface that allows your trainers, admins, and learners log in and out with ease. Its flexibility helps you customize it according to your branding thus enhancing your professionalism.