automating online inductions for manufacturing industry

when WORKERS aren't properly inducted - it USUALLY leads to:

  • poor safety culture
  • lack of paper trail
  • increased chances of incidents
  • lack of compliance to safety regulations
  • aggravated risks of mitigation
  • erosion of profits


  • move your inductions online
  • find some help with account setup
  • need to chat to a person to describe your requirements
  • minimise your time spent on managing staff training

we are happy to help you to:

  • create and setup your own online induction training
  • capture and monitor user and suppliers compliance documents
  • be alerted when suppliers and users become non compliant
  • monitor statistics and generate reports

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Challenges in administering a manufacturing business.

You might be thinking, how exactly will inductions help our business? Well, let’s look into it.

The manufacturing industry is at the very heart of commercial life. The amount of demand and necessity for better quality and faster means of production and distribution is constantly growing. For this reason, and the profitability of the manufacturing industry, it’s a highly competitive sector. This isn’t limited to inter-business competition, but also extends to global competition. It’s a constant race to see which country can out manufacture and provide the ultimate quality goods. This heightened competition calls for companies to improve upon their precision, quality of goods, quality of workers and overall performance. Here at Induct for Work we can help you achieve all those things.

We believe that all quality work is produced by quality, consistent, over-prepared and highly competent workers. Your labour is the key to a successful company. This is why we provide the perfect tool to coordinate your entire workforce, and make of your staff a well-oiled machine. Our online inductions allow your workers old and new to undergo comprehensive training in a cost effective and time efficient manner in their own time from their own homes. We help to ensure your workers are always knowledgeable, trained to the best quality with frequency to keep up with the constant evolving this industry undergoes. From competition to changing regulations. We help to bring the best out of your workforce, for your success. This is achieved through troubleshooting and seeing how Induct For Work can always add and update features to solve our clients biggest problems. Let’s take a further look at the issues within the manufacturing industry and Induct for Work’s solutions.

Skilled Labor

Skilled Labour – A big challenge the manufacturing industry faces in a skilled labour shortage. This issue appears prevalent across all labour and trade industries at present.

As the older generation is retiring at a quicker generation is providing workers to take their place, the amounts of labour are inadequate for the amount of available work. And when there is manual labour available the workers tend to be under-qualified, inexperienced, less competent and less willing to work in labour fields or less loyal to their companies and businesses of employment. However, as technology advances and the automation of factory work occurs, many manual labour jobs that require minimal training and which are easily achieved, are being replaced by automated machines. Instead, the industry is in need of employees with a technological skill set, proficient in mathematics and analytical reasoning. Employees with these skill sets are still difficult
to attract and retain. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to train employees up to have these
traits thanks to the available training technology.

Project Management

Project management is an administrative nightmare for manufacturers. The amount of different parties and factors needed to coordinate to create a smooth running operation can be daunting, and the risk equally so.
Manufacturing companies risk millions of dollars in profit and revenue if unable to meet production schedules or if there’s a miscommunication between parties, any hindrances to any phase of the production process can be a huge set back. This is a time, money and quality sensitive operation with very little flexibility. All manufacturing projects typically have a very strict and specific timeline upon which to operate.

Changing Regulations

One of the main challenges across this competitive field is the price factor when it comes to labour and means of production. Why countries like Australia and the U.S will always meet difficulties when competing with their global counterparts is that the cost of labour and the country’s ethical work and OH&S regulations are always being changed, added to and made stricter. These continued compliance crack-downs make it harder and harder for Australian companies to keep production costs low, and force our manufacturing companies to continually update their policies and procedures to keep up with compliance laws. Failure to accommodate the fluctuating regulations however can prove even more problematic and costly than abiding by them. Being non-compliant with regulations or risking worker safety and rights can contribute to some rather significant legal ramifications. In order to protect your company and reputation it’s important to match your company’s practises with these tumultuous regulations.

Lower cost overseas

The lower overseas costs, as mentioned, are a big contributing factor to the competitive rate of the global manufacturing scene. While many offshore competitors may forfeit some of the quality to their products with cheap manufacturing, giving our companies an edge in that department. It’s still a significant advantage when they can produce similar goods at a fraction of the cost due to the use of cheaper labour and cheaper mass-produced materials or lower quality. It’s important to find economical shortcuts in the manufacturing industry where possible, to reduce cost. So long as we maintain quality and comply with regulations. However, this is much easier said than done. Cutting costs to compete with the overseas production costs, can lead to some oversights in many areas. Like overworking employees, using less workers to get more work done and save money, or using cheaper products in manufacturing. All these methods are poor ways to keep up with the competition that are too often opted for.

Overworking employees are often infringing upon the regulations we need to abide by. And forfeiting quality may make our manufactured goods less preferable by consumers. It’s important to find policy friendly ways to cut costs in this business.

Reputation for Quality

Another threatening aspect to competition is that the quality of our overseas counterparts is rising or they have great reputations for their existing quality. Countries such as China are increasing the quality of their products over time. This is leading to a ride in both cost and quality for the offshore manufacturers. So it’s important that national companies ensure they’re keeping up with quality and a good reputation. Some countries already have such a good reputation for quality products and service that consumers don’t mind the higher price tag and are willing to pay extra.
Take Germany for example, their reputation is for higher quality products and their regulations and cost of labour are strict and more expensive. They succeed with steeper price tags as a result, and have a reputation for good and consistent quality.

Technology and automation

With the evolving technologies and automation of manufacturing processes. Larger companies are opting for automated procedures more and more for their production. Adopting the use of automatic, low-operative machines allow for larger companies to make their manufacturing process cheaper, quicker and overall more efficient. This can come as a disadvantage for smaller businesses who can’t afford to invest in these means of production, negatively impacting their ability to perform regarding both price and quality. There are also constant strides and advances in smaller manufacturing technologies, which can be difficult to keep up with or know where to start. A major concern of this industry is that it’s falling technologically behind.
Not only does being technologically appear unimpressive and prove detrimental to reputation, it makes your business fall behind the rest of the world and overall less accessible. Behind outdated can negatively impact productivity rates in the manufacturing industry. It can make your business more difficult to administer and slow
your production processes.

Our solution: how online inductions can remedy this

Quality Inductions – Here at Induct for Work we provide quality inductions so you can best train your workforce according to your needs. There are endless features and qualities that will work to the advantage of your company in this business. We offer thorough and comprehensive online induction training that prepares your workers for the job before they even set foot on site. Also, our inductions are highly customisable so you can include whatever information you feel your company needs at the time and train your available labour in the skills you require rather than finding suitable and qualified labour with skills that meet your needs. This allows you the advantage of always having skilled labour available even during this worker shortage. For instance, the manufacturing industry is in need of tech-savvy analytical workers. This becomes an easy skill to stimulate through our training software as you can include tests, quizzes, tutorial videos and links to other websites and research for your workers to learn everything they need and be well-versed in the required knowledge before they even start.

You can also administer induction training to your existing workforce to keep practising and emphasising these skills. The tests allow you to gage their knowledge and how they’re retaining their inductions and all our inductions can be revisited at their convenience so your workers can refresh their knowledge as they feel is necessary.
Through our software you can easily build the skilled labour you require by administering quality inductions.

Easy Administration – Your administrative process becomes workloads easier when adopting our training software. It provides you with a great filing and organisational system which will allow you to keep track of all your employee’s inductions, documents and individual progress. Easily track their completed inductions, how many unsuccessful and successful attempts, their quiz results and how many times inductions were accessed. Track the training progress of your entire workforce from a mere app or website on your smart device, for all your workers, old or new to the company. Filing has also never been easier. You can also easily request and collect all necessary documentation from your workers prior to hiring them or commencing a new event. Including licenses, accreditation and more. Our easy administration is the perfect addition to you project management. It takes one of the big responsibilities in time management, admin and coordination off your plate and facilitates the management procedures. This way your project supervisors can dedicate their time to further planning and time budgeting in other aspects.

Compliance – Our induction software provides an undeniable record of all the training your workers undergo when commencing employment. This can include OH&S training, company policies and legally obliged rules and regulations. All of this important safety information can be administered, and simultaneously recorded. Keeping a digitised record of the safety training your employees have undergone is the best safety measure to protect your business, as it proves compliance with OH&S laws. It demonstrates that your workforce has been inducted to work safely and helps protect your company from liability in the event of accidents or during crackdowns on regulations.

Your company will have recorded proof of the safety training your staff have undergone and their level of understanding. Not only will you be prioritising safety, you can help protect your business and stay compliant.

Cost efficiency – In this competitive business, it’s also crucial to find ethical and economical ways to go about business. Well, through Induct for Work you can cut down on a significant portion of the cost of training and hiring your workforce. Our online inductions are cheap and easy to run. They’re extremely low-maintenance and don’t require hours of supervisor and employee time to be spent on on-site inductions. Rather, all the inductions can be completed at home so that your valuable worker and supervisor hours are spent doing more productive tasks. Also, this software is extremely affordable for businesses big and small. Induct for Work’s prices are unbeatable.

Reputation – Reputation can be everything in a market this competitive. This is why it’s important not only to be compliant but to have good productions practises and maintain quality. Workers and how they’re trained plays a big part in quality. You want to ensure that your company has a good reputation for competent, highly trained and well-paid workers that do fantastic work. This way, consumers are more likely to accept a higher price tag for a good quality company. And workers are more likely to be attracted and loyal to your business. Our inductions allow for just that, well prepared good quality workers who feel supported and cared for in their work environment.

Technology – Using our online induction software will help keep your business up-to-date by incorporating this crucial and easily manageable technology to your administrative process. It will help fast- track many of your administrative and training activities. For smaller businesses especially this may help keep up with the quick work pace of larger companies. And for all businesses, it provides an opportunity to stay updated and ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Besides, which company wouldn’t benefit from a more organised tracking and training method that combines time efficiency, peace of mind and productivity all in one.