Run your own training programs for employees

Upload content + Induct users + track progress

for up to 5 workers a month at no cost

Stay compliant

All employers are held responsible under health and safety laws to assess and monitor risks in the workplace and how they may affect workers. 

The proper training and induction process can make all the difference to workplace health and safety. 

Induct For Work provides you with an online tool to create, run and track your own staff training/inductions programs.

Mitigate Risk

You organisation should be able to provide complete digital audit trail reports to prove inductions were completed, including the content accessed. 

Induct For Work captures the exact copy of induction taken. You are also able to capture, record and track tickets, certificates, insurances, licences, trade card etc to ensure every worker is current.

Set and Forget

Save money for the time it manually takes your business to manage inductions. Set up your inductions to include all your safety policies and procedures and update the content when there are any changes. Full online access to your account 24 X 7.

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