Things to know about online contractor induction systems

online contractor induction systems

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Things to Know about Online Contractor Induction Systems

Workplace accidents and lost time injuries can cost organisations a lot of money. They can also cause pain and suffering for workers involved. That’s why creating a safe work environment for employees, contractors, temp workers and visitors is of paramount importance for any organisation. In order to ensure that your contract workers are fully aware of the workplace hazards and safety procedures it is necessary to utilise site-specific contractor induction. Induction training is the first and best opportunity to encourage contractors to be more proactive in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Effective management of health and safety procedures will help your organisation increase productivity and quality, reduce turnover, reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction.

Every employer is responsible for implementing precautionary measures to minimise the risk of injury, disease or death on worksites. A site-specific induction must be conducted before a contractor is permitted to enter a worksite or begin his or her work. Providing safety training to your employees before they commence in the job will not only help reduce site injuries or fatalities but also ensure that you are fully compliant.

Many organisations deliver the health and safety information in the form of face-to-face inductions, but it is much easier and more efficient – particularly if your company uses contractors often – to provide the induction training using online contractor induction systems. These systems offer the most innovative training and compliance management techniques that you can use in your organisation for ongoing training of your contractors. With an online induction system you can deliver engaging, consistent training to all your contractors, no matter where they are based. The easy to use online format will allow you to publish as many induction courses as you need, with content as simple or elaborate as you require for your role specific contractor groups.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways online contractor induction systems can benefit your organisation.

Online contractor induction platforms allow employers to easily build induction courses that can provide contractors with specific training related to the current project. This could include the relevant information about site amenities as well as site-specific safety information like policies that apply, emergency procedures and worksite hazards. You can set up unique induction content per site to ensure that your contract workers are familiar with what is required for that specific site. You can also use online induction software to create a visitor induction form for workers that are not based at site but are required to make visits to the project sites as part of their role.

One of the greatest benefits of online inductions is that they are fully flexible and customisable. You can create a custom induction process where your contractors can self-register online and complete their site-specific induction training from home or any other location. You can modify your induction process to suit the particular location of each contractor and their specific jobs.

Online induction systems allow you to make use of dashboard and reporting tools to easily manage the registration and training of your contractors. This is very important during the site-specific inductions, as it will allow you to monitor and control the training of each individual worker. Regardless of the jobs they perform, the online induction systems will ensure your contractors are fully trained, safe and productive.

Using an online training system will allow you to communicate directly with your contractors. Features such as location-specific notifications will inform you of the contractor activity. This means you will be fully aware of the contractor’s progress and notified when he or she has completed the site-specific training. You will also be able to remind your contractors on when to take additional refresher training or if a document relating to a previous induction has expired.

Choosing to run contractor training on an online induction system is one of the smartest decisions an organisation can make. By delivering induction training online, organisations can easily and effectively create and manage induction training programmes, reduce administration overhead and provide a simple, flexible and interactive training experience for all contractors. Whether it’s building a simple visitor induction form or creating an elaborate induction training course, the best way to do it is to do it online.


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