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Compliance with online induction for school contractors and visitors

You are seriously increasing your risk if the contractors working around the school are ‘non-compliant’ to legislative requirements. As a school admin you need to know, simply on the basis of security, the reasons and identity of the various contractors that are working in the school’s sensitive areas. Another consideration is to identify those contractors hired to work at the school on an hourly rate. Are they legitimate? Are they compliant? Do they have current Police and Working with children checks? Same can be applied to visitors and even parents who raise their hand to volunteer at school premises.

Controlling School Visitors

These days it has become almost impossible to provide 100% security for a school, be it the grounds or the buildings. Apart from keeping unsavoury characters from gaining access, when you have any projects happening there, you need to be able monitor the compliance and presence of the contractors. How do you prevent people you don’t want from entering the school is another question. To be able to adequately protect students, administrators and teachers, the school needs to develop a visitor and contractor management system that is secure and works smoothly and easily, regardless of the problems normally encountered in such an environment.

A Registration Book

This is the oldest and most common system. A person can enter the lobby, go to reception and sign a book. They will be given a badge and then they can enter the school.

Management and Compliancy Systems for Schools

When using Induct For Work your workforce gets introduced to your school Safety Policies and Procedures. During the Induction they can also be taken through your School Code of Conduct and any other policy to prevent accidents or unacceptable behaviour. Induct For Work also would allows your contractors to provide school with:

Compliance Working with Children check

The system will send auto notifications to your contractors and to your admin when documents get close to expiration dates relieving your staff from monitoring all expiration dates.

Claim Free Online Induction account for your school

If you want operational peace of mind, you need to be able to manage all the compliance issues that may affect the name of your school. In this day and age there is a strong and legal requirement for school management to be careful and vigilant. Some of the aspects of keeping track of your contractors, means ensuring equipment compliance is monitored, making sure contractors have had a “Working with Children” check, as well as them having completed a site specific induction. Each school that engages contractors on single or multiple campuses should have an online induction system in place as your contractors are working in a strictly regulated and sensitive environment. Induct For Work has a free induction plan that will accommodate most school across Australia and New Zealand.

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