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Companies are forever providing training and education for their employees, either to up their skills in leadership, safety and work practices, or simply to update them on company products. Organising in-house training is a time consuming, and these days, a very costly affair.

You would certainly get flexibility with regards to time and location by using training software.

Reasons to Consider

Let’s look at some other ways in which a company can benefit from using online training software.

Whether it’s simply an onsite induction for employees or contractors, there would be significant savings using training software as opposed to hiring a corporate trainer. Within online training software there will be some highly advanced tools that can facilitate online registration, payments and attendance for prospective candidates.

More prospective attendees will be attracted to your training program if they can register online. If an individual, who is interested in participating in the event cannot attend a personal, physical registration due to health reasons or transport issues, they can complete the process over the internet, whenever they are.


The training is in the Cloud! And cloud-based training software enables a business to organise company-wide training sessions. For example you could hold a specific training program based on leadership skills and have that training done across all the branches on the same day.

Software programs provide management solutions, and organising such a session becomes very easy. Video conference connection, computers and the internet – gather your management teams together, and conduct the training program.

Reports can be generated on any number of statistics:

Learners will have the convenience of being able to complete assignments any time that is convenient to them.

Can in-house training programs provide as much flexibility? With Induct For Work you can automate and streamline your induction process for multiple sites and for unlimited users.

By using the latest training technology and solutions, your company can build relationships with it’s employees. New modules, new products, safety issues and team innovation, can all be incorporated into Induct For Work online training software. All the employees have to do is register online. Records of their participation are automatically kept in a data base. User friendly Cloud-based training software will be appreciated by the attendees to say nothing of management’s delight in having to no longer worry about the costs of travel and accommodation expenses to attend courses.

Is your training still in the 20th Century?

How many companies out there still use spreadsheets and emails to manage their training, to track contractors, and record staff inductions? Then who is tracking expiration dates of all the compliance documents?

Not every business is the same, so there will always be a need for customisation to ensure the training software fits into the company systems. Changing existing procedures and processes to fit into a computerised training program doesn’t always make sense, neither financially nor for its impact on personnel.

The induction training introduces elements of your business to the new employee. When employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and they know the culture of your business, then you know you have a good system in place.

As basic as it sounds, studies have shown that proper induction and training programs lead to higher job satisfaction and higher commitment from the employee. When a team member knows what is expected and is shown the ropes during induction then that leads to less occupational stress and less likelihood of that person quitting. Those are reasons enough, but you can also add a better job performance. It’s a no-brainer when you invest in employee training.

Training should provide the following:

It’s important that you are continually checking your program to make sure that it’s doing what you set it to do as well as following compliance.

All new employees should be asked for their evaluation of the program as well. There’s nothing like having a fresh perspective on your training.

Taking the personal approach when it comes to new employees is undoubtedly the best method. But it’s also true to say that supplementing your personal training with online training can be used in some situations. The software can track the progress of new employees for example.

Online training software can have some quizzes as well as providing review material. Being able to access info online helps reinforce what employees are being taught by their trainers. Online assessments make recording and grading results a lot easier. The data can also be used to analyse the effectiveness of the training program.

There are multiple platforms available to the market. Some charge customers per user, others charge customers for adding their own branding and creating their own content, most others will not allow customers to access their own content. Then there are sign up fees, establishment fees, upfront payments for minimal terms and other hidden fees. Then if you ask to be able to take control over your own data – forget it. Why make it so hard and difficult?

Induct For Work is different

We believe that you should be able to setup your own account, without incurring any charges.

We believe that you should be free from long term commitments, as your requirements may change.

We believe that you should have a 24/7 access to your own content, without any hurdles and delays.

We believe that you should be able to induct unlimited number of users for just one fixed monthly fee, without any surprises.

We believe that you should be able to upgrade and downgrade your online induction plan at anytime it suits you, without any delays or waiting periods.

We believe that you should be able to go back to your Free plan, whenever you are not busy, to minimise your expenses.

We also believe that you should be able to start creating your own online inductions immediately, without any delays.

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