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Additional Features

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'Add ons'

+ Incident Report
+ Docs and Sign
+ History Log
+ Text to Voice
+ Extra Portals

General information about your account

Uplaoding your logo to online induction portal

Adding logo, Certificates of Completion

Online Induction LMS No Visibility

Importing PowerPoint and Scorm files

Online Induction LMS accompanied audio

Creating Slides and Quizzes

construction induction software

History Log

History Log

Record changes made to your content. Revert to previous versions when required

$30 per month + gst

Activating various  Induction options

Collecting Licences and Documents

Delivering company policies 

Uploading your existing Powerpoint inductions

construction induction software

Text To Voice

Text to voice

Convert text on slides to voiceovers with just few clicks

$2.5 + gst per conversion

Activating additional portals

Creating and manage user profiles

Creating and manage admin users

Sending out invitation to complete online inductions

construction induction software


Admin training

Face to face or online training sessions for admin users. POA.

Creating Certificates of Completion

Activating and modifying Incident Reporting

Activating and using Sign in out

Activating and using Broadcast

construction induction software

Extra Portals


Activate additional portals

Contact us for pricing

Sending out invitation to complete online inductions

Creating Schedules for Online Inductions

API integration documentation for connecting your IFW with thousands of other apps

How to switch between personal and admin accounts

construction induction software

Incident Reporting

Add on

Scan QR code to Report workplace Incidents.

Where to find all Tax Invoices

How to move between plans

How to update your payment details

How to update Contact Details in Invites

construction induction software

Custom Features

Custom Functions

Order your own customised feature


How to cancel induction invites

How to archive and restore people

How to reset your password

How to take your data