3. Creating and Importing Inductions

Now let’s have a look at how we can create Online Induction Courses and SItes.

First we click on ‘Sites/Locations’ to your left. Then once we click on ‘Actions’ button to our right.

Online Induction LMS Actions

From the dropdown select ‘Create Induction Course’.

Online Induction LMS Create New Online Induction

We have 3 options:

  1. Is to start building our induction from scratch
  2. To download and edit a Sample Induction
  3. To Import our PowerPoint or Scorm Induction
Online Induction LMS from scratch

1. Build New Induction from Scratch

1. If you choose to build a new Induction from scratch, enter Induction Title, let’s call it My Company Induction, select Industry say Human Resources and Recruitment, and click ‘Create’. 
And now you have just created your first Induction Course, which is blank and not visible to any users.

Online Induction LMS No Visibility

2. Start from a Sample

Now let’s have a look at how we can create an induction from a Sample.
We need to click on ‘Actions’, ‘Create Induction Course’.

Online Induction LMS create new

Now we need to choose ‘Start From a Sample’  

Online Induction LMS Sample

Select ‘Administration and Office Support’ and then ‘Use this Sample’.

Online Induction LMS Sample

And here you have your Sample Induction.

Online Induction LMS Options

If you need to reposition the Induction and move it up, what you need to do is position our mouse over the dots, click on them and while holding the mouse button drag and drop the Induction to the top.

3. Importing PowerPoint or Scorm Inductions

OK we need to go back to our ‘Actions’ button and ‘Create Induction Course’

Online Induction LMS Actions in Creating new course

And this time click on ‘Import’

Online Induction LMS Import

To be able to convert and upload your files onto the system you must have a valid payment method. There are 2 Free file conversions available per month, any additional conversion are $10 per file conversion + gst. All powerpoint files are converted to images and then converted to inductions. These inductions can be updated. Scorm inductions are slightly different, in order to make any changes to them you would need to contact the company who created the file to make any changes to it and the reupload to the system.

Online Induction LMS Charges

This brings us to the end of session #3 on creating and importing inductions.  If you have any questions please do not hesiatate to get in touch with us.

In the next Session we will go over Induction Editor.