Rapid inductions that are also effective

Rapid-inductions that are also effetive

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When it comes to starting and running a business or organisation, there are many things to consider in order to maximise success. Cost of investment and maintenance, advertising, taxes, insurance, laws, and of course, staff. From running a public sector organisation like a school or post office, to owning a small local fish and chips shop, employers have to think about all these issues. At least for staffing needs, there is a simple, easy, rapid and effective way to onboard new employees. Consider online inductions. Inductions are the processes which businesses and organisations use to introduce all relevant information to new employees, contractors and even sometimes visitors. They cover a wide range of information, including role specific descriptions, training and expectations, as well as HR policies, laws and regulations, emergency contacts, OH&S and so on. Online inductions also track training progress, by providing checklists and completion certificates. Inductions that only designed to be delivered in a fast / rapid manner can have a cascade of negative effects:
  • High Turnover – employees who do not understand their roles well may have negative experiences and reduced morale within the workplace. This can positively correlate to employee dissatisfaction and result in high turnover rates.
  • Low Productivity – Similarly, unskilled, poorly trained staff will spend time trying to figure out how to perform tasks and not actually performing their jobs. They might also seek assistance from more experienced co-workers, which in turn detracts from their time, reducing productivity even further.
  • Unsafe Work Environment – poor OH&S training may leave new employees more prone to accidents and injuries. In any organisation, it is not enough to have safety regulations, employees must be well versed on them in order to avoid an unsafe workplace.
  • Decrease in Customers – no surprises here. Poor customer service skills or poor-quality products will directly impact customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Expenses and Decreased Revenue – all the items cited above will have an impact on revenue. 
Key to business success is a high volume of customers, as well as high productivity. But it is also important to maintain a safe workplace to avoid incurring costs of injuries, improper use of equipment and even law suits.

How do you keep induction download times to a minimum.

The main reason for slow induction downloads are high res images and videos.  Try to optimise these files prior to loading them to Induct For Work. This in turn will reduce download times when the inductions are taken users. So your inductions can still be delivered instantly on any device when they are designed to be rapid, fast and effective, rapid-inductions.


In providing an effective onboarding and induction to new employees, companies should ensure clear and detailed training on all relevant business information. Its culture, mission, rules and regulations, safety, as well as specific role training. New employees must be apt to perform their duties and be given the confidence to do so.

Let’s have a look in all the specific ways Induct For Work can help businesses achieve just that.

Software Solutions

On the one hand, from the employers´ perspective, our software allows you to tailor all relevant content for onboarding, induction and follow up training. You can track the progress of the induction process and be rest assured that the quality of training remains consistent for all employees. You will be sent notifications from when tasks have been completed, as well as when they are due to be performed. Induct for Work also creates a paper trail of all induction courses, provided documents etc.. It is a one stop shop for all necessary information and documentation for your employees where certificates, licences and other compliance documentation can be uploaded and easily retrieved for your business records.

From the employee’s perspective, there are also many advantages. For instance, they are able to take induction and training wherever and whenever they choose from an easy to use interface. Induct for Work can be used from any device connected to the internet, be it a PC, tablet or even a mobile phone. And as not everyone learns in the same manner, our delivery method includes texts, videos and audios, to ensure greater content retention.

Cost Efficiency And The Bottom Line

Because our software delivery method is purely online, it helps streamline operational efficiency. Decreases in lost productivity have been reported by our clients. This is due to the fact that by utilising Induct for Work, you eliminate the need for trainers or managers required to deliver face-to-face training. Delivering face-to-face training would take existing employees away from their own tasks and decrease productivity. Our software avoids the loss of working hours of existing employees. Our online format enables new employees to take inductions and further training courses as and when needed.

So, the bottom line is that for any business or organisation, cost effectiveness is an important tool for success. With most onboarding, induction and training processes proving costly, it is comprehensible that anyone running a business would try to achieve this in a cost effective way, without compromising effectiveness and quality. Induct for Work can make all of this possible as most of the administrative costs are reduced while preserving a high quality induction and training delivery.