induction software

Have your own Scorm

compliant e-learning modules

Upload and run your own Scorm inductions or e-learning modules and track user progress.

What is Scorm?

SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model” and is a set of technical standards and specifications for e-learning content and learning management systems (LMS).

The purpose of SCORM is to ensure interoperability and compatibility between different e-learning content and LMS platforms.



You can instantly connect your IFW account with more than 2500+ apps, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Job Progress, Pro Core, Xero, Quick Books and many more.

Records are crucial when it comes to running a business. IFW offers multiple levels reporting, from basic weekly reports to highly detailed custom reports showing exactly what your business requires – all at a glance.

Send inductees invitations via SMS. This provides a layer of authentication so you know the person being inducted is the person that should be inducted!

Automatically translate both audio and text. We use advanced artificial intelligence to automatically translate inductions into 55+ languages.