Effective and Rapid Inductions

rapid inductions by induct for work

Induction training can be defined as a form of introduction into the workplace. It allows new employees and contractors to “learn the ropes” on what their job entails so that they can seamlessly be adopted into an organisation’s operations. Most people in modern workplaces lean towards a gig kind of job.…

How to stand out in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Online Induction

Making your business stand out in the hospitality industry is all about addressing some of the major issues this industry faces i.e competition, hiring well-trained staff, produce waste etc. As well as creating the best atmosphere possible for customers as well as staff. The hospitality industry is a highly competitive place,…

Safe Work Method Statements or SWMS

Online Induction SWMS

Safe Working Methods Statement (SWMS): Everything You Need To Know   The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety defines an SWMS as a document which outlines high-risk work and hazards. It also stipulates the control measures put in place to manage these risks and hazards. Any organization wishing to commence with…

Avoiding Silicosis

silicosis online inductions

How to Prevent Workers from Getting Silicosis In late 2018, ABC an Australian news network reported that there had been six terminal cases of silicosis in just three weeks. This prompted the Queensland Government to issue a warning to the engineered stone bench-top industry. An audit of 10 work sites was…

online induction cleaners

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Health and Safety for Cleaners and Janitors Cleaners and janitors play a critical role in keeping institutions and workplaces safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. However, the majority of cleaning operations include the use of cleaning equipment and chemicals and working in unsafe conditions. This makes cleaning work quite dangerous, with figures…

How to avoid common workplace accidents

online induction australia

avoiding workplace accidents Statistics estimate that workplace injuries cost Australia’s economy around $60.6 billion annually, which is 4.8% of the total GDP. Apart from the worker being incapacitated to continue earning a living, businesses are sometimes forced to pay fines amounting to thousands of dollars. While industries such as mining and…

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