What is Online Training Software? 

How can it help our business to reduce risks? Can online software keep track of who was inducted? Answers to all of these can be found in the articles we’ve compiled below

The different types of employees

Employees different employment typestype Online Induction

All employees are not created equally. And by that, we don’t mean factors such as their varied age and qualification. Instead, we’re talking about the different ways in which they can be employed. As in full-time versus part-time versus casual, all of which affect everything from their leave entitlements to…

Ten ways to engage workforce

Workforce Engagement Management

Hiring an employee and continuing to pay them is only the half battle in keeping them motivated. The other half of the challenge is to maintain good engagement levels, whereby they remain invested not only in the company, but also in their role with it. Here are 10 strategies for…

Benefits Of Online Site Inductions

Online Induction Construction

Benefits Of Online Inductions. Every employer is responsible for health and safety of their workers. In industries such as construction, all new employees and contractors are required to complete site specific inductions before commencing work. This means that as an employer, you are responsible for providing appropriate instructions and training to…

Five key online training trends

Online Induction Training

Online training trends You can’t have an induction without training. It’s the chief facet of the entire process that will set the new employee up to either enjoy early success or walk down struggle street. And, like any part of business, the ongoing evolution of technology, generational change and business needs…