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How to avoid common workplace accidents

online induction australia

Statistics estimate that workplace injuries cost Australia’s economy around $60.6 billion annually, which is 4.8% of the total GDP. Apart from the worker being incapacitated to continue earning a living, businesses are sometimes forced to pay fines amounting to thousands of dollars. While industries such as mining and construction have…

Online Induction for schools


Compliance with online inductions for school contractors and visitors You are seriously increasing your risk if the contractors working around the school are ‘non-compliant’ to legislative requirements. As a school admin you need to know, simply on the basis of security, the reasons and identity of the various contractors that are…

Volunteer Induction

online volunteer induction

Online Induction for Volunteers vs Traditional Induction All organisations engaging volunteers should have an up to date volunteer induction program.  Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to organise traditional inductions for workers and volunteers. Usually people running inductions are placed under a considerable amount of stress to make sure that…

External Online Inductions

We get contacted by contractors looking for their online inductions. We have compiled a list of external online inductions contractors ask for. Officeworks https://contractor.colesgroup.com.au/contractorinduction/ Kmart https://contractor.colesgroup.com.au/contractorinduction/ Target https://contractor.colesgroup.com.au/contractorinduction/ Coles https://contractor.colesgroup.com.au/contractorinduction/ Bunnings https://www.bunnings.com.au/about-us/contractor-induction/ Optus https://www.optus.com.au/contractor-health-safety/getting-started/ Coates hire https://www.coateshire.com.au/contractor-induction/ If your online induction is not listed above, please contact the company you are working for further instructions. All logos and brands are properties of their respective owners.…

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