Workplace Bullying

How to avoid common workplace accidents

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avoiding workplace accidents Statistics estimate that workplace injuries cost Australia’s economy around $60.6 billion annually, which is 4.8% of the total GDP. Apart from the worker being incapacitated to continue earning a living, businesses are sometimes forced to pay fines amounting to thousands of dollars. While industries such as mining and…

The Challenges Construction faces with Compliance

Construction Online Inductions

Compliance in Construction industry – Construction Induction Construction companies are required to regularly monitor compliance standards, and managers within that industry are, or should be, familiar with the compliance levels laid out by Australian Occupation, Health and Safety authorities. Everything is included in that compliance such as making sure that all…

Q&A on codes of conduct

Q&A on Code of Conduct

Codes of conduct are a must for modern business. But what purpose do they actually serve? We set out to answer the most common questions about them. What exactly is a code of conduct? In its simplest form, it’s a set of guidelines that details acceptable standards of behaviour and conduct in…

Ten ways to engage workforce

Workforce Engagement Management

Hiring an employee and continuing to pay them is only the half battle in keeping them motivated. The other half of the challenge is to maintain good engagement levels, whereby they remain invested not only in the company, but also in their role with it. Here are 10 strategies for…

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