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Online Induction for Volunteers vs Traditional Induction

All organisations engaging volunteers should have an up to date volunteer induction program. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to organise traditional inductions for workers and volunteers. Usually people running inductions are placed under a considerable amount of stress to make sure that all paperwork is in order and also up to date. Volunteer Induction is very similar to the induction process for paid employees. It is vital that the induction is thoroughly planed out. Ideally, a complete induction kit should be compiled and delivered to every volunteer and then collected prior to the commencing date of their position in an organisation.

The Goal of a Traditional Volunteer Induction Kit

A volunteer induction kit has a number of goals and purposes associated with it. When all of these particular goals are not meet in the kit, it could lead to complications during the induction process. When a new volunteer is unable to determine where they fit in and exactly what the organisation expects from them, then productivity will not be at an optimal level, and conflict is sure to occur in the workplace. Additionally, when a volunteer is unsure who they can turn to should they be faced with a challenge or question, time and talent would be wasted. When enough time and effort is spent to compile a thorough volunteer induction kit, an organisation can benefit from the fact that their efforts will cause an impressive boost in overall morale and productivity amongst the volunteers that join their volunteering program. Additionally, when a volunteer feels more comfortable and knows all of the essential details surrounding their purpose in the organisation, they will feel less anxious during the early stages of their recruitment. Lower levels of anxiety are also linked to better productivity. When the volunteer does not feel anxious, they are also more likely to ask for help when needed; thus avoiding possible errors and mishaps that could lead to problems with the organisation’s function.

What to Cover in a Volunteer Induction Kit

The process of compiling the information that needs to be provided as part of a volunteer induction kit already takes a lot of time, effort and resources. Having to print these documents, distribute them to volunteers and provide presentations can cause a further complication with the available time and resources of the organisation. Opting for a digital online induction solution can be more beneficial than relying on more traditional approaches. Induct For Work provides a more efficient and convenient solution to inducting new and existing volunteers into your organisation. The platform offers a wide variety of tools and features that allow a business owner to easily add all of the essential details and documentation, and submit the data toward a batch of volunteers simultaneously. Additional tools and features allow business owners and those in charge of inducting volunteers to easily update content of online induction , check up on induction statuses, access provided documents and schedule further online inductions.

What to CoOnline Solution for Volunteer Induction ver in a Volunteer Induction Kit

The more thorough a volunteer induction kit, the better it will help the volunteer feel welcome and comfortable in their new position at an organisation. For this reason, it is essential to include all your safety rules, procedures and policies, dress codes and everything else that your volunteer should know about their roles to safely carry out their tasks. Some of the most important documentation that need to be placed in a volunteer induction kit includes an organisation code of conduct, a complete overview of the organisation’s policies, including a sexual harassment policy, and any training material that will ensure the volunteer is skilled in dealing with any machinery or software they will be operating during their volunteering period. Contact details for people who can assist and answers to questions should also be provided to ensure the volunteer is able to obtain support should they need it. In addition to these details, a complete description of the volunteer’s role in the organisation should also be presented.

Induct For Work

Inducting volunteers joining your organisation should be a high priority to your organisation. Volunteers should feel welcome and valued when they enter your organisation and they should know exactly what is expected from them. Training material, company policies, contact information and other documentation all form an important part of your volunteer induction kit. Printing, compiling and delivering such kits can be both complicated and costly, which is why using Induct For Work offers you the ability to provide induction material through easy to use online induction software suite, as well as providing additional features that will make the induction process stress-free and easy.

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